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Panacea for Inner Peace

When all the world is full of noise
and stress and endless to-do lists,
take a breath and find some peace
in the simple things that make you smile.
The sound of rain on the roof, a cozy fire in the hearth,
A loved one’s smile, a ray of sunshine on your face.
These are the things that make life worth living,
The moments we should cherish and never forget
You’ll find that your heart is filled with love.
The panacea for inner peace is yours
if you just take a little time each day
to relax and disconnect from the grind
and let your mind and heart drift away.

In peace and tranquility
we lie,
without a care in the world.
Our worries left behind,
for this one moment,
in time.

Here we can relax,
and take in all around us,
the beauty of nature,
and the peace that surrounds us.

Strong Memories

Our love is a short journey with strong memories.
A love that we all dream of, steeped in history
Even the sea would refuse to wash up upon us
And the sky would turn green with envy
Even war would retreat from our love
With our hearts fused as one and desire for each other
Though there may be times when the world crushes our souls
And makes us want to break up
I will not allow it, my heart is yours forever
You are my destiny, our love shall never die.
                              -	R ALAYNA PARVEEN                                                                  
The journey ended long ago,
But the memories are still so strong