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Some Things Are Meant to Stay a Mystery

There are some things in life that are meant to stay a mystery. We may never know what happens when we die, or why certain events happen the way they do. Some believe that if all the answers were revealed, life would lose its magic. There’s something special about not knowing everything; it leaves room for imagination and wonder.

Even though we may never have all the answers, that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy life and all its mysteries. There’s something comforting about knowing that some things will always be a mystery. So don’t worry too much about the unknown; it’s part of what makes life so interesting.

There are some things in this world that science may never be able to explain. Even with all of the advancements in technology and knowledge, there are some mysteries that will always remain a mystery. One such mystery is the existence of ghosts. Science can’t explain what a ghost is or where they come from. Some people believe that they are the spirits of people who have died, but there is no scientific proof of this. Another unexplained phenomenon is crop circles. These geometric patterns that appear in fields of crops have been around for centuries, but no one knows who or what creates them. Some people believe that they are created by aliens, but again, there is no scientific proof of this. The bottom line is that science may be able to explain a lot about the world we live in, but there are some things that will always remain a mystery.

Panacea for Inner Peace

When all the world is full of noise
and stress and endless to-do lists,
take a breath and find some peace
in the simple things that make you smile.
The sound of rain on the roof, a cozy fire in the hearth,
A loved one’s smile, a ray of sunshine on your face.
These are the things that make life worth living,
The moments we should cherish and never forget
You’ll find that your heart is filled with love.
The panacea for inner peace is yours
if you just take a little time each day
to relax and disconnect from the grind
and let your mind and heart drift away.

In peace and tranquility
we lie,
without a care in the world.
Our worries left behind,
for this one moment,
in time.

Here we can relax,
and take in all around us,
the beauty of nature,
and the peace that surrounds us.

Poetry .. Rich man’s world

Banking is the blood that flows
through the veins of our economy.
Money is the life-force that animatesit, and interest is the oxygen that keeps it alive.
We all need finance to thrive,
whether we’re big or small,
public or private.
It’s the grease that makes the wheels turn,
and without it, our economy would grind to a halt.

Money, money, money
Must be funny, in a rich man’s world
Tiny minds and little hands
Making big plans to take what they can
And they don’t care how they get it
Just as long as they’re on top
When the money makers speak
We all tremble and quake

The money is coming in and out,
it never seems to stop.
Fortunes are being made and lost,
in the blink of an eye.
There is so much at stake,
and no one knows for sure,
who will come out on top.